Greenhouse Gas emissions graph is run by Optilab Partners AB. We are a small tech/online company based in Stockholm, Sweden. All of us have at least 15 years of experience in building and maintaining online business. We have been working with a variety of websites over the years. Most of them has been in financial segments and all of them has been for pure business. However, the thought of doing something that actually mattered for the future of our planet has been growing for a while. We have debated different options and at the end we came to a decision together that it would be fun and rewarding to do a proper informational website about solar panels. Since a couple of us has been looking at solar energy for our own homes we realized that it was hard to find a single website that could present all information we needed in a good and easy way to understand. So we decided to build in order to do what we can to inspire people to switch over to clean energy production for their homes.

Our solar panel expert Christer Nyman is a senior-level professional in solar energy and RE, with more than 30 years of experience in the development sector in projects and programs funded by major donor agencies such as the World Bank, ADB, EU and non-government organizations, and for-profit development firms.

He has a track record in project design, development and deployment of solar power projects, and other renewable energy projects for public and private sector, in remote areas. Read more about Christer.

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