Space-Based Solar Power

Space-Based Solar Power – Not Science Fiction Anymore

Once upon a time, space-based solar energy was seen as the stuff of science fiction, but now governments around the world are reassessing its potential. Concerns about climate change have led to breakthroughs in satellite…

China is reportedly slashing prices on solar panels

China is reportedly slashing prices on solar panels

This could lead to the demise of European companies. The European industry association, the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC), claims that China has started to significantly reduce prices on solar panels, which could result in…

Powerwall 3

Tesla unveils Powerwall 3

Tesla is now launching its third generation of the home battery, Powerwall, which can store solar energy and provide backup protection. The most significant difference compared to Powerwall 2 is that the new system features…

How Solar Power Got So Cheap

How solar energy could become so much cheaper

Solar energy has undergone a remarkable transformation, from being considered too expensive to becoming the cheapest way to generate electricity. Its share of global electricity production has risen from 0.15 percent in 2010 to over…

Folding solar panel roofs at rest stops

Folding solar panel roofs at rest stops

Smart where the weather is changeable. The Swiss will invest in folding solar panel roofs for their rest stops. They plan to build 45 of them, and once all are operational, they should be able…

Artpiece for RV 1000W

Colorful awning with solar panels

American startup Eco-dynamic Tech has unveiled its colorful awning with solar panels for motorhomes. The awning, named Artpiece, not only generates a significant amount of power but also provides some shade during hot summer days….