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In these days of climate change and as a result of that, more regular natural catastrophes than ever before in modern times, we need to find viable solutions for our energy production, as our current production is one of the biggest drivers for the climate change.
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All experts agree that solar energy is definitely one of the best options for producing “green energy”, if not the best option currently available. Not only is it a way to use a “free” energy source, but the technology has evolved greatly in the last few years. Even though the government has pulled the plug on most grants and subsidies, the cost effectiveness has increased because of better technology and hence given us falling prices on solar panels. AllAboutSolarPanels will give you everything you need to know about solar panels for your home or caravan. Everything from how it works, to installation and maintenance cost and all pros and cons of installing solar panels on your house. By presenting information about all aspects of solar energy, we aim to inspire many more people to install solar panels for their homes in order to quickly change the direction of how we produce energy and help contribute to a better planet and tomorrow.
Fancy Solar Panels

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Space-Based Solar Power

Space-Based Solar Power – Not Science Fiction Anymore

Once upon a time, space-based solar energy was seen as the stuff of science fiction, but now governments around the world are reassessing its potential. Concerns about climate change have led to breakthroughs in satellite…

China is reportedly slashing prices on solar panels

China is reportedly slashing prices on solar panels

This could lead to the demise of European companies. The European industry association, the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC), claims that China has started to significantly reduce prices on solar panels, which could result in…

Powerwall 3

Tesla unveils Powerwall 3

Tesla is now launching its third generation of the home battery, Powerwall, which can store solar energy and provide backup protection. The most significant difference compared to Powerwall 2 is that the new system features…

How Solar Power Got So Cheap

How solar energy could become so much cheaper

Solar energy has undergone a remarkable transformation, from being considered too expensive to becoming the cheapest way to generate electricity. Its share of global electricity production has risen from 0.15 percent in 2010 to over…

Folding solar panel roofs at rest stops

Folding solar panel roofs at rest stops

Smart where the weather is changeable. The Swiss will invest in folding solar panel roofs for their rest stops. They plan to build 45 of them, and once all are operational, they should be able…

Artpiece for RV 1000W

Colorful awning with solar panels

American startup Eco-dynamic Tech has unveiled its colorful awning with solar panels for motorhomes. The awning, named Artpiece, not only generates a significant amount of power but also provides some shade during hot summer days….

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Solar panels vs wind

What is Best? Solar Energy or Wind Energy?

Let us compare the two. They are both renewable. Their impact on the environment is minimal. Everyone should be striving for a sustainable, off-grid energy solution. Both solar and wind provide viable options in this…

Example of Solar Panel Installation 3

How do Solar Panels Work

This article will guide you through the technology which allows solar panels to generate electricity from sunlight. Although simple and robust, solar panels work based on complex physical processes. What most laymen know about solar…

Solar Panels

Why Solar Panels?

Solar panel use is an excellent idea for several reasons. Solar energy is free energy. You may have to pay for your solar panels and inverter, but the sun dispenses the energy that your solar…

Solar Panels Installation

Installation and Maintenance of Solar Panels

Solar panels are installed by first putting up scaffold towers, then marking out the array on the roof before the actual installation, which begins with moving tiles and screwing hooks down onto the rafters, then…

Solar Panel Installation

What is the Cost of Solar Panels?

What is the cost of solar panels? Are there additional costs? Can I affect the price with my own choices? Be patient (or use the table of content), we’ll give you all the answers. Government…

RV camping by the water on a Sunny day. Car with airbrushing on

Solar Panels for caravans

Some people like to bond with nature when they go camping/hiking. Others hate to go off the grid. When going camping, not being able to keep food cool or to recharge a phone is a…

Most of us believe that we release too much greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and that we need to take action for the environment and against climate change. Solar energy does not release greenhouse gases and hence installing a solar panel system in your household is a great way for many people to take a needed action to help saving our planet. Did you know that an absolute majority of households investing in solar panels will get payback on their investment within 8-10 years. The following 10 years they will actually make money on having solar panels installed. Read more here about the cost of installing solar panels and take action today.

Examples of Solar Panel Installations