Christer Nyman
Christer Nyman

I am a senior-level professional in solar energy and RE, with more than 30 years of experience in the development sector in projects and programs funded by major donor agencies such as the World Bank, ADB, EU and non-government organizations, and for-profit development firms.

I have proven track record in project design, development and deployment of solar power projects, and other renewable energy projects for public and private sector, in remote areas.

My field of expertise also includes identifying beneficiaries, capacity building, assessment, due diligence, economical calculations, planning and implementation of solar power projects, both on grid and off grid, small and large scale. In recent projects, the main tasks have been planning, predesign and tender documents for mini grids in Eritrea, Liberia, Maldives, Solomon Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, SHS /pico-grids in Myanmar. Most of the projects are assisting governments.

In the field of capacity building and awareness campaigns for stakeholders my experiences in the off- grid areas, where most of the poorest usually live, have given a valuable insight and also learnt the way of teaching the importance of modern energy services. Arranging workshops and seminars for different stakeholders, including mentoring of companies and assessing business plans is also familiar issues for me.

Geographic experience is particularly strong in Africa, South East Asia, Pacific. And Caribbean

My Asia experience includes being technical advisor, team leader for a renewable energy project, with call for proposals, implementation, monitoring and financial follow ups. Also, due diligence for Island hybrid PV plants in the Pacific is one part of the Asian experience.

My Africa experience includes different PV projects, small and large scale, planning and strategies in about 10 African countries. For Ethiopia, a solar water pumping project with 49 PV pumps have been planned and implemented, where I worked as supervisor. The project included site selections, preliminary design, water price calculations, preparing of tender documents, procurement process and implementation. During implementation capacity building program was planned and implemented. Project financed by the AfDB.

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